Thursday, October 24, 2013


What's it like to be a missionary with 19 other college students?

Simplified it's chaos, drama, laughter, fun, and action all the time.

- When it rains we all huddle together at the dinner table or inside our little rooms reading or sharing stories
- There's constant laughter and jokes
- When it's dinner time we all run because we know food goes fast
- We pile on top of each other for town trips. We know that's just the way it is. Your lucky if you have a seat to place your but. 32 is our maximum in a 12 passenger van.
- We have drama- yup all the time- we laught about it though.
- We take turns being moms: cleaning tons of dishes, scrubbing poopy bathrooms, and cooking for 22 starved soldiers (that's how our group eats)
- We make a beautiful choir complete with ukeleles, guitars, sopranos, and wannabe bases
-When someone leaves our clinic who we love we follow them singing na na na na while dancing and chasing them goodbye
- We know that meetings are just: not good and when it's time for a meeting- you shut your mouth and be quiet praying for the ending and group serenity
- Every chore has lyrics and dance motions
- Every other sentence includes one or two random spanish words
- We are a family
- We love movie nights, sometimes in the dental rooms
- We practice medical things on each other (shots, iv's, and dental)
- We have personal trainers among us that use sticks to motivate work outs
-For birthdays we sometimes awake each other with a special song, later we sing and have birthday cake, and egg each other like crazy
-- We know each other so well that we know all of our strengths and faults.
-There's alot of group love and occasional head kisses or group hugs

Before I came I didn't know what it would be like to serve with a group so big. Sometimes it's definitely challenging because there is NO personal space. You are NEVER alone LOL! This is definitely a struggle for some of us introverts or for those wanting a quiet place to read their Bible. Sometimes everything gets a little overwhelming and chaotic...

But most of the time, it's exciting and a ton of fun. It's amazing being part of a huge family that you know and love so well. It makes me think about all the missionaries who are serving alone or only with one or two people. I definitely admire them and think that it's a difficult role. I definitely think all of the missionaries serving by themselves need special prayer. How lonely it would be. How hard to not have so many familiar people to encourage you and uplift you. How blessed by God I am to have my misisonary family of 20 here with me =)

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