Friday, September 6, 2013

Waterfalls and Swimming

Today was my favorite day here in Peru! We traveled 3 hours by van to Aguaytia where we got to see many waterfalls and go swimming. We saw the beautiful jungles of Peru and swam in freezing cold water. It took about 3 hours to get over there and we took two separate vans. When we got there we had a short hike to this huge roaring waterfall. We actually climbed up it, slipping all the way, til we could stand directly underneath the falls. The water beat against us, taking our breath away, and I definitely experienced God's power there.

The water was exactly what I needed today. The jungles were deep and lush. My friend Kaity and I had a really great talk about life, mission work, and everything in between shouting out in awe "We're in Peru."

Tonight when we arrived back to AMOR we had an amazing worship service harmonizing together with songs like Traveling Light and then a great worship talk by Bernice. Bernice spoke about living together and working together with other believers. She talked about how we should always look for the best in other people, talking about their strengths, and never about their weaknesses. It was a really inspirational and uplifting day- making me think how blessed I am to be here experiencing Peru with so many amazing people.

This is the waterfall we swam under- so much fun!
This is a group picture of our AMOR team. Raph and John John are in the front. Then from the left: Seth, Ian, Dr. Happy Michael, Esther, Bernice, Megan, Nelly, Me, Jeremy, Molly, Ron Hawkins. Up top is Becca, Caitlyn, Lisa, Arianna, Stephanie and Kaitlyn. I love these guys

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