Sunday, September 15, 2013

The struggle is real sometimes

The struggle is definitely real here in Peru! Sometimes I really feel that the Devil is working to destroy and discourage us student missionaries from helping the people here. Yesterday was an especially discouraging day. My friend Katie and I prepared two sermons on our computers along with Spanish songs for our church service. Then early that morning Katie’s computer somehow got water spilled on it and she lost her entire sermon. On our way to church- when we crammed into our gringo bus (22 a new record) my laptop got kicked or stepped on and somehow broke. When we got to church we had no songs or sermons prepared- it was all improv. It was really discouraging and hard. That afternoon, I got really homesick and 8 months just seemed like such a long time. It already seems like I have been here forever when I have really only been gone for 3 weeks. In the afternoon, for our baby pt session we learned the father had came back and taken the baby and his mom. We don’t know if we will ever see little baby Christian again- but we have to be prepared to practice physical therapy once more again- if he shows up next Saturday afternoon. Overall, yesterday was really hard. I was really upset and kept asking Why? Why is all this stuff happening? Why am I so down?
Before I went to bed last night I prayed to God and I gave it to Him. I asked Him if He would help me overcome these struggles and discouragement and help me to have a better day and a positive outlook tomorrow. Praise God because today has been so much better. Our group is cooking this week and I am very excited. We went to the market and it was actually pretty fun shopping: all us gringo girls running around trying to bargain with our little Spanish knowledge. We bought beans and rice, lentils, fruit, eggs, and pancake mix. We are trying to be creative with what we have, but let’s be real here- we’re still gonna be eating lots of arroz y frijoles. I’m excited to learn how to cook better. I’m going to be a great Peruvian chef (aka plantains, lentils, beans, rice, and yucca). For lunch we got pizza, we were all so excited for an American treat. This afternoon, we get a little bit of wifi time and I think we get to go shopping. Katie and I would like to do a single dread on our hair and put beads on the bottom. Ok to be honest I would love to dread all my hair haha I just don’t want to ruin it forever. We are also going to try and do a few braids with dreads. Afterall, you only live in Peru once. Oh yes random- but awesome fact- there are jugglers here who juggle machetes in the streets in the middle of traffic. It just makes me so happy! I’m just waiting for the moment when I can meet one of them, and take pictures, and exchange tricks 😊 So that’s Peru, yesterday was bad, but today is better. God has answered my prayer and restored my hope!
Oh yes tomorrow is our first day of swimming lessons and volleyball lessons. I will be teaching level 1 which will be interesting since I will be dealing with scared little kids who have probably never been swimming before. I’m quite excited though to try it out and help them overcome their fears. Tonight for dinner I’m cooking spaghetti with my team 😊
So now that I don’t have a computer my blogging may be less frequent- no guarantees- just please continue to pray for us and the ministry here at AMOR. The devil is at work but God is more at work. No matter what He does to discourage us- I have faith that with Christ we shall overcome.

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