Monday, September 9, 2013

The Storm

This morning I read the story of when Jesus calmed the storm in Luke 8. Jesus asked his disipcles to travel with him to the other side of the lake and they agreed. While they were on the boat, Jesus fell asleep. While Jesus was asleep, a big storm came upon the lake and the boat started rocking and filling with water. The disciples were terrified and woke up Jesus crying “Master Master, we’re going to drown.” He woke up and commanded the storm to stop then asked them Where is your faith?

This story literally applied to us AMOR missionaries last night. At about 3am a violent storm took place and our entire building was shaking. We heard loud thunder and lightning and the people hammocking were terrified there hammocks would fall. At one point in the night, I remember covering my face with a pillow because I thought the wood was going to fall on top of me. My feet got thoroughly soaked from the rain pouring in and a few of my friends got drenched. Many of the missionaries in my room were awake just praying that God would keep them safe.

We all have storms in our life- some are bigger than others-but we all have things that press us and challenges that face us. Yet our reaction to the storm is often more important than the storm itself. We can respond with fear, worry, or stress or we can act in faith. 

The story about Jesus calming the sea is a parable- a story that was written to teach us something and that can be compared to our own life. What do we do when we have storms in our own life? Even more, what can we do when we feel like Jesus is asleep in the storms of our life? Maybe we don’t feel God’s presence during the struggles we are going through? Maybe God seems to not be answering our prayers?

Circumstances can often cause us to forget God’s promises. We cannot let logic or worry get in the way of our faith with God. What is the secret to sleeping through the storms of our life? We must have faith instead of fear even when everything seems to be breaking for us.

God says that His ways are not ours. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” ~ Isaiah 55:8-9
It's easy to blame God or run from God when things start to get messy or stressful in your life. Yet even when everything seems to be going wrong, God has a plan. Life is not about us and sometimes we don't understand God's plans and His ideas. Yet God promises to be faithful to us and never leave us no matter what we are going through. He wants to be a stronghold for us in faith and in times of trouble. So next time you encounter a challenge or unexpected dilemma in your life- don't freak out, worry, or stress- pray to God and respond in faith. You will be amazed how much peace you can have through any struggle if you rest in Christ's promises and dwell in His presence.

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