Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the 15th day in Peru

Today was my 15th day at AMOR. Wow- craziness! Tonight I'm a little homesick, not going to lie. I feel sick to my stomach (due to medicine and food the tummy ache feeling is becoming quite routine to me.) I forfeited my Taekwondo adventure tonight and have just been thinking, messaging old friends, and browsing the internet. I tried to read, but I found the "fantasy-like" love book to be quite annoying and irrelevelent to my life right now. I'm a little discouraged. 1 year is such a long time.

This morning was pretty cool because I got to do a physical therapy session with a one year old baby. I am pretty excited about getting some physical therapy experience since I think that is what I would like to do. The therapy session went well. Today we mostly learned about the babies history and did a few diagnostic tests. The baby "Josue" seems to be a little slow cognitively and has almost no muscular strength at all- possibly muscular dystrophy.

Today at the clinic we had a few extreme cases. We had one little boy swallow a ton of rat poison trying to commit suicide and we had to drive him to the hospital. We had a man that suffered from a gunshot injury, and we had a twelve year old who had a wicked burn all the way down his leg.

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