Monday, September 16, 2013

Swimming lessons, volleyball, and cooking

Today was an exciting and slightly crazy day- but overall I enjoyed it a lot! I woke up at 6am today to help cook egg sandwiches for breakfast and since we didn't think we had bread, we had to take a motocart ride to the panaderia. After breakfast, we set up the volleyball net and got ready for our afternoon classes. At 1:30 we walked to the pool where we were having lessons and took about ten kids with us. The first class was great! We had about 15 kids from 1:30-2:30 and they all learned a lot. I was teaching level 1 and I was very impressed with how willing the kids were to learn and overcome their fears. I could definitely tell they were scared yet they were willing to stick their heads underwater, practice blowing bubbles, and even swim with me in the deep in a little. Then at 2:30 the craziness started when kids came out of everywhere into our pool. We had like 70 kids plus some parents wanting swimming lessons and we were like oh my this is not going to work. After trying to test a few, we had to send them all home and tell them to come back and register tomorrow.'

So at 4pm we had a volleyball class today and it was so great to be playing volleyball again. The kids here have amazing skills and they are so talented! Volleyball is a huge sport along with soccer here in Peru. At the end of the volleyball class, which was mostly practice for the try outs next week, all of the precious little girls kissed me goodbye and it just made me feel so happy inside.

Cooking lunch and dinner was definitely an adventure today! We mostly had bean and rice variations, plus some spaghetti, and fruit for the meals. We had some interesting things like rice balls and even a Mexican sweet milk drink to go along with it. Tomorrow, breakfast is simple: oatmeal and I'm pretty excited to eat some more American foods like oatmeal with bananas. My cooking group gets along really well and some of the people are pretty good chefs- so I will definitely be learning a lot this year and I'm quite excited for that!

I have made some amazing friends here so far here at AMOR and one of them is Kaity aka Kaity Kat or Kaitlyn. She is an amazing dancer and we're sharing our talents with each other this year. She's teaching me how to dance: ballet, tap, jazz, swing, ect. and I'm teaching her how to juggle and play sports. Kaity Kat is amazing and I'm really enjoying all the great friends I have here. I don't know what I'd do without all their support and encouragement.

*This is my friend Kaity Kat and I with these sweet kids from our church!

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