Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just a typical clinical day

Today we had clinic from about 10 am to 4:15 pm. We saw about 100 patients. I took a few blood pressures and helped with registration most of the day. It was cool- a little stereotypical- but a good day overall.

After clinic, I went to town with 4 other sms. We got cheesecake and pizza. It was delicious and I'm just hoping I don't get sick. The motorcart ride was pretty fun- we bumped through crazy traffic. Then we rode back in a taxi and I layed on top of three smashed people in the back seat.

When we got back from town, we had pancakes for dessert/ dinner. Then I went to Taekwondo class, taught a boy how to juggle, played some volleyball, and then put a crying baby to sleep.
... And that's a typical day at AMOR and a day in the life as a missionary

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