Sunday, September 22, 2013

I wanna go to Africa..

I do love Peru but I'm not totally satisfied with my missionary experience so far. I mean it's great being here at AMOR- definitely where God wants me right now.. but it just makes me want to serve so much more. I never want to go back to college or America. I mean America's great- trust me I miss it alot sometimes- but I love seeing the world and just living for God, having crazy adventures day by day.

I feel like AMOR is the perfect introductory year to missions.. it's creating a longing in my heart for more missionary work. I REALLY want to go to Africa and rough it completely for 6 months to a year. I would love to go with my family! It's just one of my crazy dreams and I really hope it happens sometime. I also think I would enjoy being a misisonary as a career. I know that sounds crazy and you're probably thinking that being a missionary is not a career. Ya, ya but still... working for a nonprofit would be crazy cool. I just love mission work!

I'm really geting comfortable here at AMOR. It definitely feels like home to me. I love the people I'm with and I'm becoming more used to the Taekwondo and swimming classes as well as beans and rice and helping in the clinic. As I get comfortable, sometimes it's easier for me to forget why I am here. Sometimes I just want to do things unpurposefully or in routine. Sometimes I want to just close my eyes and forget that I am in Peru... NOT for MYSELF but to SERVE!

Oh I want to share with you and update about Kaitie Kat= she still needs prayers! Last night, she passed out walking back from the bathrooms because she was so weak and dehydrated. I let her sleep in my bed last night and tried to take care of her getting her to drink water. This morning, she was put on an iv and hard core drugged up. I don't know how she is right now but I'm guessing the medicine will kick in and she will be getting much better soon. Sickness is definitely one of the most challenging things we have to deal with here. The doctor said what's been going around is bacterial- thus we should be able to prevent it with better hygiene, handwashing, food cleaning.. ect. It's a constant struggle though and many missionaries are frequently getting sick here. Please keep us in your prayers!

Good news! I discovered that Amazon will deliver to me here in Pucallpa for around the same price as American shipping. This is very exciting because I would love to order some chlorine shampoo and some books. If you ever want to send me anything like a Melody Carlson book (my favorite) or some peanut butter, granola bars, or gatorade mix ;) you can always send it via Amazon and save yourself some money!

Well it's a town day so that's exciting! It's also my 1 month anniversary here which is pretty cool. I'm done cooking for a while.. I made over 50 pancakes all by myself for breakfast today! Cooking was a blast and I learned so much. Now it's my turn to help clean, help in clinic more, and teach sports classes. I hope you have a blessed week

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