Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Country livin at K38

Last night I had a sleepover at K38- the country, more jungle-like house and it was a great adventure! I'm going to sleep there again tonight because I really enjoy it out there. It's a totally different atmosphere- so peaceful and free- abounding with fruit of all different kinds like enormous lemons and fresh oranges.

We went to bed pretty late because the sm's who slept over there tried to watch a movie. In the morning, Dr. Happy took me orange tree picking and we had to go tramping through these totally ravenous vines and high jungle grass. I wished I had my snake boots with me and was praying to Jesus during the hike that I wouldn't get bit. But God did keep us safe, and we were rewarded with about 7 delicious oranges to eat.

There's some pretty cool animals over at K38 as well. There's roosters, cows, horses, and guard dogs. One of the horses just had a baby mare so that's pretty cool. I'm definitely excited to spend some more time at K38 during the year. It's just so beautiful out there and I can really see God outside in the nature out there.

Something exciting that happened today at our travel clinic was I learned to test someone's blood sugar levels. It's really quite easy; all you do is push a needle down onto the ring finger, collect the blood, and put it onto the small machine. I'm just excited about all the medical things I'm learning.

Today we figured out our AMOR schedule. We will be rotating between Triage, Doctor shadowing, Pharmacy, Injections, and traveling to K38 for 5 days at a time. We have cooking groups that cook for an entire week and then have two weeks off. We are also starting volleyball and swimming classes that run three days a week in addition to soccer, taekwondo, and music classes. It's going to be a pretty busy and fun year!

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