Monday, September 2, 2013

clinical day

Today has been a crazy day- stressful, disorganized, dysfunctional, sad, and sickly. Many of the SM's here at AMOR are sick and if they are not physically sick, many of them are beginning to feel tired and quite homesick. It is hitting everyone that we will be staying here for a year- and it will not be easy. Prayer would be much appreciated.

Today we started our medical clinics at K15 where we have church. We saw about 80 patients. It was absolutely chaotic as we tried to move our medications over there as well as sampled our new computer system plan for the pharmacy. Dr. Galilee, an amazing doctor from the states, has been working hard creating a compute program where we can register patients, the doctor can prescribe medicine, and then the pharmacy can check that the prescription is filled- all without wifi. It's quite impressive and will definitely be a huge asset to our ministry when all the details are worked out.

In the morning, I helped register patients at the clinic which included taking a few of their blood pressures. After that, I followed the doctor around for a little bit learning about different illnesses and in the afternoon, after our traditional meal of beans and rice (at least 2x a day) I watched the dentist work.

Here were my 3 special moments at the clinic today:

* I became friends with a 16 year old girl who had to have a tooth pulled today. She showed me her baby that she had when she was only 14 years old. Then I held her hand as she had to get shots to numb her mouth.

* I met a precious baby named Christian who was 3 years old. Because of having an untreated fever right after birth, his brain was fried. This poor baby could not walk, talk, or move it's neck. It was limp. It did not show many signs of being there at all. It was one of the saddest things/ stories I have ever seen. I asked the doctor what we could do and he said nothing. Nothing- that's right! He said it was too late. He said this is why we do what we do- to prevent this from happening. This is how important Tylenol is for babies with high temperatures. We prayed with the young woman who had this poor little boy. She said she prays every day that God will do a miracle in him and help him walk. We got in a circle and put our arms on the woman and her son. Please pray for a miracle. This mother is desperate for her child

*I met a baby and his mother and grandmother. This baby's situation is similar to baby Christian's but this baby has a little more recovery hope. The boy cannot stand or sit, but can move it's head. Because the baby is only one year and one month, the doctor said PT may be able to help improve the boy's conditions. I held this baby and looked into his eyes. When I did, I knew in my heart that I can't leave this baby. I must help him. I want to help this baby and am starting physical therapy sessions twice a week with Him. I'm thankful to God that I have this opportunity to learn. I'm going to start researching physical therapy rehabilitation and movement ideas for this child. Please pray that God works in this beautiful boys' life.

Even though it's hard here at AMOR sometimes- especially today was a rough day- the little things we can do to help change a life forever make every moment worth it. When I saw that baby, I knew any sacrifice that I have to make to be here is worth it.

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