Wednesday, September 25, 2013

clinic, rain, and swimming

So the last couple days here have been really chill due to the frequent storms and strong rains that have been coming in. This week my job is cleaning not cooking, so that means I have a lot more time to help other places. In the clinic this week, I’m working pharmacy. I don’t mind pharmacy and I think seeing the different drugs and learning about them is interesting. On Monday night, our entire pharmacy group went to town to buy more medicine and drugs for AMOR. It took us two hours and about $1200! It’s crazy to think that that’s only just a small percentage of the medicine in our clinic. AMOR does cost a lot to run and it is only by God’s grace and the donations of others that the ministry can continue. If you have a heart for sharing God’s love and missions work, I suggest you take the time to check out AMOR’s website and consider supporting their ministry. 100% of the donated money comes directly to us and is used here in Peru!
We’ve been treating 30 people every morning and about 15 every day for vision. It’s crazy because every morning at about 6 am people start lining up to get in our clinic. It just amazes me. People here really do need us. There are tons of diseases, alot of skin diseases, parasites, headaches, fevers, urinary infections, and really terrible burns from car and motorcycle accidents.
Swimming is finally beginning to pick up and kids are starting to come and that makes me so happy. Yesterday we went on an expidition through the swamps of Peru to recruit more kids. It was really fun and it's so rewarding seeing their faces as they learn to swim. They are so appreciative and excited about swimming even when they are terrified. With my swimming kids, it is our job to get involved in their lives and learn all about them. This Thursday and Friday, we will start visiting some of their homes and meeting their families.
Well that's all that's happening here except for the occasional singing and dancing in the rain, rolling around in the mud, and swim parties. I hope you'll have a great week =)

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