Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blue surfer fuzzy Roxy jacket

Whenever I feel sad, insecure, homesick, or lonely I wear my blue surfer fuzzy Roxy jacket. It's uber warm and it makes me feel confident and hopeful. It may seem silly but it's just something I love that I'm really comfortable in. It's almost 5 here and tonight I'm wearing my Roxy jacket. I just got done with swimming lessons and it's been a crazy and chaotic day.

Thank you to Jesus because I do have amazing friends here like Molly and Kaity Kat that always encourage me when I start to feel down. Right now I'm freezing cold because I just got done with a shower. Today and yesterday has been quite rainy and downcast. It's a little chilly outside and muddy everywhere. Yesterday night it rained so hard that we could barely here each other. The thunder and lightning poured and drenched all around our little house and even under a few of our bunk beds.

We've been cooking a lot this week and overall it's been a ton of fun! I've learned so much about cooking and I really think that our food has been quite good. We've made fried rice with eggs and broccoli, rice and beans, (por supuesto) crepes, lentil soup, tortillas that turned out more like nan bread, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti. I've spent so much time cooking this week- it really does take a long time! I wake up at 6 and cook for about an hour. Then we start lunch at 10 am or 10:30 until 12-12:30 and then we prepare dinner at about 4:30 pm.

Ok here's something that's quite disturbing: I have parasites! I'm not even kidding!  Before I came here, I thought parasites were a rare thing. Nope, almost every kid here is popping with worms or other parasites. I didn't realize we could get them too, but just yesterday the SM coordinator told me that after 10 days everyone who lives here will have parasites and after 3 months of being here, we will need parasite medication. It's just kinda shocking and I'm not going to lie, I have to wonder: Why didn't they tell us this beforehand? But really it's ok. It's just Peru. That's what I'm learning to say when things get weird, crazy, or even difficult. Parasites are just life here. You can't save the world and you can't change everything - some things you just have to deal with. Many SM's are sick here because of bad water yesterday. Some of them had to get iv's and shots because they had so much diarrhea and throw up. Praise God, because I think our group is over being sick for now and the SM's are beginning to feel better.

"Many people would be scared if in the mirror they saw their faces instead of their character."

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else guard your heart because everything you do flows from it.

Here's a funny story for today. (I tend to have a lot of ridiculously funny moments here especially with my friend Kaity Kat. ) We had to walk thru two really big mud puddles on the way to swimming lessons. On the way back, our friend Jeremy decided to give us a ride back, but he wasn't very good at motorcycle driving and kept stalling and slipping in the mud. So we had to jump out right in a puddle and our sandals turned into huge mud globs. Finally we ended up walking a little ways barefoot paranoid that we would get worms in our feet. It was pretty funny because after all the mud, Jeremy cleaned our sandals for us with his hands and took all the mud off and then we rode back to the clinic.

In 2 days we'll have been here for an entire month! This sunday we are going to party it up for our 1 month anniversary and go ride the ferris wheel =) Here is a pic of one of my latest moto cart rides with my friends and then a gringo bus ride!

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