Friday, September 13, 2013

Being a missionary

Here in Peru here are some things that are different: we have holes in our ceiling, outhouses with cold showers, mosquito nets so we won't get slaughtered at night, a hard bunk bed to call our own (if we are lucky not to live in a hammock), beans and rice at least twice a day, hard floors that get covered in dirt and dust- and 7 of us missionaries share a room smaller than dorm size in the US. We don't have mirrors, make up, or hair accessories. We often sweat from the heat of the day and are covered in dirt from the pollution and mud outside.

Yet it amazes me how content I am with the things I have here. This place feels like home to me and  I feel like I am living in more than ideal conditions. I don't find myself missing things like my big bed, lots of clothes, my own bedroom, or even hot showers. What I do miss is my friends and my family and being able to communicate closer to the people whom I love from the US.

Missionary work is so amazing and I definitely wish I could just travel the world as a missionary forever. I would definitely like to do more mission work after Peru, even in college. I would like to spend a year as a student missionary in Africa- living on hardly anything and eating mush every day. The thought of living on hardly anything does not scare me- it fascinates me.
I'm nervous to go back to the US after being here. I don't want to switch back into selfishness or the college life quite so quickly. Even here in Peru, my selfishness often shocks me. Because compared to the people around me, I have it so good and am so blessed by God.

I know I will return to the US next year and I know I need to get an education, but my heart really does love traveling and mission work. It's a simpler and slower life. Here it's easier for me to remember to touch the flowers, to chase the huge blue butterflies, to kiss the babies cheeks, read books in a hammock, and sing and laugh.

Yes sometimes it's hard to be a missionary. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am by God, and just want normal food. Sometimes I want to be able to call my mom whenever I want or to work out in an air conditioned gym. Yet this experience is so amazing- I'm so grateful that I get this opportunity to serve at AMOR projects this year because I am learning so much.

3 weeks down- 7 months and a week to go

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