Thursday, September 26, 2013

A great day

Today was a really great day! For my swimming class, we had alot of kids! Teaching swimming lessons here is similar to the US but a little more exciting and difficult. For one, we cannot speak their language at all. For two, we are the only lifeguards they have. For three, we often have kids of different levels here with us. I really enjoy it though. The kids here are so sweet and eager to learn. Today I saved two kids from drowning though because kids here are more bold and prone to try things they can't really do.

In the morning, I teach five rowdy boys who are about 12-14 years old and always goofing off and teasing each other. Sometimes it's hard to keep them working, but they are good swimmers and eager to improve their strokes. In the afternoon, I teach kids that cannot swim at all. I love teaching three little girls- my 2:30 class- the chicas are very young only 7 and 8 years old. They're very cute and always kiss me to thank me at the end of every class. When swimming, they also cling to me sometimes like they're in a fire and I am their hero. It's cute.

Volleyball class is very fun as well. I'm teaching level 3 which is our best students here. It's very fun because they are actually really talented and I coach them like how my volleyball coach used to coach me: tough. I make them run alot and dive in the mud. It's so cool watching them improve and even being able to spike at them.

Tonight after volleyball, I got to come into town to get more pharmacy medication and some crafts for my sabbath school class. It's wonderful being able to be here in Pucallpa again and eat out at Dulce Mania. It's my favorite place- similar to an American starbucks- and we get this delicious chicken croissant thing and a strawberry drink- so homie! Best of all, is finally being able to call my mom again. I miss her and love her tons! Calling my family makes me so happy. I also found out it was my little cousin Ava's second birthday today- happy birthday Ava =)  Today was a great day! I'm really loving it in Peru.

P.S. today I didn't help in clinic a ton since I had swimming, but I helped in the eye clinic for the first time (it's when we give patients glasses). I really enjoyed it. Some patients are really picky and want the pretty glasses but overall it's really rewarding seeing the joy on people's faces after they find the "perfect fit".

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