Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/7/2013- happy sabbath from Peru

This morning after breakfast and worship, all 19 of us gringos piled up in our 12 passenger van and headed to our 3 different church locations. My group went to K13 and we had sack lunches and hymnals ready and packed. First, we sang a million songs with the people there and had a short worship talk then we split the groups up for adult and children's Sabbath school.

Kaity Kat and I were in charge of Sabbath School and we had pipe cleaners and songs listo *ready for all the beautiful dirt covered kids. We taught them some fun camp songs in English like Father Abraham and Making Melodies and then we sang Jesus loves me in Spanish and some other songs in espanol. The kids loved it. Then we helped them make hearts with pipe cleaners to sing the "Yo tengo gozo gozo gozo gozo en mi Corazon" song (I have the love of Jesus in my heart). Sabbath school went well and church was after. Following church, my K13 team ate our sack lunches a variation from our typical beans and rice plus some fruit and waited for the gringo bus to come pick us up.

We hung out at the school lounging around in the heat- some people called it a Peruvian sweat party. Then at 4pm our team headed back over to K13. I gave little baby Christian his second PT session which was pretty exciting. The poor little boy definitely has a genetic disease such as muscular dystrophy and probably some special education problems, but he's not hopeless. After his pt session, we sang songs and played games with some of the local youth. Then we came back to AMOR for dinner and our evening Taekwondo class.

Taekwondo is so intense. I absolutely love it. Tonight everyone in Taekwondo got totally covered in dirt and mud- we stretched the entire time. Who would have thought Taekwondo involves as much, if not more, flexibility than gymnastics? It's crazy stuff. We also had ice cream tonight from the little ghetto store down the street- it was delicious.

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