Monday, September 30, 2013

5 dreads down

For the past 2 days I haven't been feeling the greatest. I had a really bad sore throat 3 days ago and while that has improved alot, I still can't breathe through my nose and I don't have alot of energy. I'm trying to take Claritin and lots of vitamins in order to get by, but it's very difficult being sick here. It's extremely hot and so any attempt at napping during the day results in a sweat bath. There's definitely a ton of germs and illnesses that us sm's are constantly exposed to. Please pray that I feel better soon and don't get extremely sick. An update on my amiga Katie Kat is that she is doing alot better and is up and participating in all the normal activities =)

For this week, my job in clinic is the injections room. I don't like giving injections very much at all. I'm not super comfortable with the needles, but when I give a shot on my own I definitely rely on God's power and not my talents. Today was a rough clinical day because the doctor's wife here was sick and so we had to wait a couple hours after registering 30 patients until he was ready to help us. Over all, we finally did finish. 2 of the nurses here ended up helping me give more shots because after one lady started crying and not handling my shot very well, I was quite discouraged. This morning, I really have to thank God for keeping me safe because I pricked myself with a needle but it wasn't bad and the needle was clean. If the needle would have been dirty, I would have had to gone to town to take different tests. I'm very glad God had my back and kept me safe.

It's uncomprehendably hot here. The sun pours down and some of my favorite moments in the day are spent in our nice cold showers. There's also an abundance of huge beetles around our house recently. Many of the guys try to torture us girls by putting them on our backs or even in our hair- disgusting. I'm hoping that gets old quickly as well as the pranks that the boys keep trying to play. There is alot of construction going on at AMOR right now as we expand and create more bedrooms so that we won't be so squished. There is now a new shaded area outside for eating and the kitchen.

Ok super exciting news- my dreads are now in progress. As of today, I have 5! I will work on putting a picture up soon. I'm pretty happy with them although I'm not going to lie, what I will do after I'm tired of dreads kinda scares me. Hey but YOLO that means "You Only Live Once." Dreads are something that I feel really reflects my personality and uniqueness- I've always wanted to do them- so why not?

So guess what it's almost the end of September?? Wow that's so crazy! It amazes me how the year flies by and how God works. At first life seemed to pass by so slowly here but now time is really starting to fly. Sure, I miss my family all the time and I miss all my friends back home and love you guys alot- but I'm so grateful to be here serving at AMOR and I feel that at this time and place I am exactly where God wants me.

P.S. Tonight will be our second night doing evangelism meetings here! Yesterday night went really well- my job is leading songs with this other girl here named Caitlin. Anyways yesterday we only had about 20 people but today we invited alot so we're hoping more will turn out tonight. We are also starting our kids evening program at the same time as the adults' tonight. This Sunday we will be doing baptisms.

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