Friday, August 2, 2013

What Korea's Like

I'm already getting used to Korea! I've been here 2 weeks but it already is beginning to feel like home. I hate the food- just can't get over it. But I'm starting to get used to the rush, people everywhere, and walking in hot humidity.
Yesterday our Korean family took us to a Korean cultural and historic center in Seoul. It was amazing. We learned so much about Korean food, culture, traditions, education, and family life.
Today we went to Insador: a tourist place where we walked around and shopped.
Tonight we went to a LONG Korean vespers. It was terrible; I am not going to lie. I tried not to draw during the service but an hour into it, I gave up my "intellectual persona" and started drawing animals.
Here are some interesting things I have learned about the majority of Koreans:
1. Koreans care about everything more than Americans. They care about traditions. They care about reputations. They care about their families, history, their culture, and their elders.
2. Koreans show respect. Anytime you are introduced to a Korean they bow respectfully. Teachers, principals, pastors, and adults or older people in general are highly respected.
3. Koreans are very focused. Children in Korea spend almost all their time studying. In high school, Korean students literally stay at the school from early in the morning to 10 or 11pm at night studying for the test to get in college. Education is a huge deal and Koreans are very focused on what they want in life. They do whatever it takes to get there.
4. Koreans want boys. Men get a lot more respect here than woman. Before coming here we were advised that if we wanted to get anything done for us, we should ask Tj because they respect guys more. Koreans also have special prayers to get boy children.
5. Koreans are very fashionable. I don't know how they do it, because the weather makes me want to wear a pony tail and tank tops all day long- but Koreans are always looking cute with bows in their hair, super short shorts, and long fashionable tops.
6. The Korean dream is very different from the American dream. Koreans want to excel in education so they can go to a good school and get a good career. The college they attend is highly important.
7. Koreans are very touchy. Both boys and girls constantly have their hands around each other and love to hold hands.
8. Everything is not better or more high-tech here in Korea. Compared to America,  many facilities are tiny. Although most places are clean and some technology is better, Korean cities definitely appear poorer than American ones. It's just so squished. Everything is tiny and stuffy. In so many areas, I now understand why Koreans are still looking to America for ideas.
9. In Korea, there are many LONG meetings, ceremonies, and rituals. People have accomplished the skill of listening quietly for hours upon end.
10. Most Koreans are very friendly and welcoming. They are very accommodating and interested in the American lifestyle.

So yes that's what Korea's like, or what I have found it to be like.
4 more days then America =)

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