Thursday, August 29, 2013

Una semana : Te amo Peru

As of today, it has been one week since I have been here at AMOR projects in Pucallpa, Peru. That's pretty crazy =) My friends and fellow missionaries here were talking earlier about how our mission work is going and how it feels to be away from the US. We were talking about how 1 year seems like such a long time. Some people were saying they hoped our time would go a little faster because it seems like we have already been here forever. Honestly, I love it here so far.

I love how life goes slower and you have more time to appreciate the small things like hugging little children, touching the flowers, and playing silly hand games with the other missionaries.

I love how people here are so genuine and receptive. They are so open to love and willing to try and communicate even when we hardly can.

I love taking freezing cold showers.

I love learning medical work- even though I am scared to death. I love overcoming my fears.

I love knowing that I am here only because of God and that He is the one at work- not myself.

I love my missionary family. It's kinda like my camp friends but even closer because we live together and work together all the time.

I love it here and I feel so grateful for this opportunity to share the love of Christ with the people in Peru. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me get to come here.

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