Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The doctor is in

Wow- today was a crazy day, emotionally and physically. Today I worked pharmacy from about 8 to 11:30 am- it actually went a lot better today- and then after lunch we had medical lessons with the doctor. I learned how to give different kinds of shots as well as how to extract a nail (disgusting!). Learning how to give a shot was terrifying. We had to practice on each other and my partner was Molly. The first shot we had to give each other was an IM shot was on our deltoid muscle on our arms. We shot each other with 1mm of saline to practice. I don't know what it is about the shots here, but almost all of us "doctors in training" agreed- shots hurt a lot more here in Peru! A few reasons why this may be is that the shots are bigger here and we also are only using the cheapest needles/ syringes available for purchase.

I was so scared to give my first shot. I didn't want to do it all. I prayed a lot about it and got pretty emotional, but finally I just made myself do it. Everyone was watching me and cheering for me because Molly and I were last. We had to thrust the needle all the way in, then withdraw to make sure were in the right place, and then slowly push the medicine through. Thank God I did it correctly the first time and for giving me the courage to do it =) I started crying before I gave the shot while I was watching everyone else practice because I was so terrified. Then after Molly gave me my shot (and Becca my sm friend held my hand) I started crying again because I was so nervous.

The second shot to our gluteal muscles and in the but was a lot easier. I wasn't so afraid the second time and I did it pretty well. Our next clinical day is Friday and the doctor said that me and my friend Kaity who have been working in the pharmacy will be giving shots all Friday. I'm excited and a little nervous too. I guess I will be getting good at those.

The doctor said we will also be learning how to do iv's, anisthetics to the nerve, pap smeres, and sultures (stitches). I'm scared but excited. We also have a second doctor who speaks English coming to AMOR this week so that will speed up the learning process as well.

This afternoon AMOR bought 4 new volleyballs and a net for our volleyball class. I'm so pumped to teach these kids. We're also doing this special gangster cheer/ dance for our friend Martin who is leaving tomorrow. Martin has worked here at AMOR for a long time and tonight we are throwing a big fiesta for him. Yay-- party time =) Dios de bendiga!!

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