Monday, August 5, 2013

Jesus doesn't love "ME"

How many times have you heard people say "Jesus loves you" or the central key of the entire Bible is Jesus's love for us. "He loves you more than you can imagine, more than you comprehend." He loves ME. He loves you too! So let's have a party. Let's thank Jesus that He loves me because He gave me..

I have no doubt that Jesus does love us. It's an indescribable blessing!
He loves the world incredibly. He created each one of us individuals in His image.
But today I got to thinking, what if "Jesus loves me" is not the message of the entire Bible and not what Jesus wants us to focus on entirely. What if we were deceived by our own selfish minds into thinking that "Jesus loving ME" was what God was about?

If Jesus loves ME and that's the number one theme:

I thought Jesus loved ME. And if Jesus loved ME why do I have cancer? Why did my dog die? And why did I fail on that test? I thought that Jesus loved ME.

Romans 2:8 says
 "But selfish individuals who make trouble, resist the truth, or sell out to wickedness will meet a very different fatethey will find fury and indignation as the fruit of living in the wrong."

When we think about "Me" too much we become selfish individuals. You can read countless Bible verses demonstrating Christ's disdain towards selfishness. He cannot tolerate selfishness because it is the opposite of His love.

If God isn't about loving us for ourselves then what is God about? God is LOVE. God is graceful, forgiving, King of Kings, Merciful, Alpha and Omega..
What is the theme of the Bible and of Christianity? What should we share with others when we introduce them to Jesus Christ for the first time?

Could it be "I need Jesus"? Could that be it? Could it be that I NEED Christ to save my life from sin and my selfish desires and when I accept Him into my heart and give Him power to change me He will give me a new birth and eternal life forever!

Yes God loves me- but He doesn't love the "Me" we often think about. He hates that me: my selfish, independent, natural, human me that I think I own. God loves me as His child enough that He wants me to recognize Him as a Father so He can take my life and make it something more. He wants me to realize that "ME" by myself is sinful and self-destructing, but Him with me is beautiful.

I need Jesus. You need Jesus.
Without Him, we are nothing. With Him, He can do anything.

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