Monday, August 26, 2013

*fireflies in Peru

I have so many feelings right now going on in my head. It's like theirs a million fireflies flying around in my stomach and all over. I can't seem to quiet down.... In reality there's a billion mosquitoes buzzing around my body waiting to try and devour me through my mosquito net. Alright here goes..

*Today I held a lady's hand as she received 3 shots! She was really terrified and quite honestly I couldn't blame her because shots here are huge. I felt really bad having to watch her get all the shots but I guess she was in a lot of pain so hopefully they helped her a lot. I tried to distract her by asking her questions while the nurses were getting the needles ready but it didn't quite work. I don't know if I could give shots to people like this--- it just looks so painful.

* I got to give out 5 balloons to some of the kids in the clinic today. They were so excited. I especially loved the shock of this one shy little boy with a cast on his left hand. He was like "really I get one too??" Not asking for balloons like the other children but waiting and curiously looking at the balloon from afar.

* Tonight I brought out my juggling rings and showed a few of the Peruvian kids. Then I just tossed the rings back and forth with a few of them. Their cuteness was unexplainable. Afterwards Katie and I climbed the water tower which was pretty fun. About 5 little boys followed us and we read them a short passage from the Bible.

* I kinda miss home tonight but not a lot. I guess it's starting to hit me that this is for real and I'll be staying here for a while. To be honest, before now it just seemed more like a mission trip. Some of the work here is really hard while others is just lots of fun. I'm not quite homesick- but I do miss my mom tonight. It's also hard when I actually get on facebook and see that American life and all my friends' lives continues (without me). It's strange.

* I learned the difference between saying Te quiero and Te llamo. Te quiero means I love you referring to more friends, family, and food. Te llamo is more romantic love. I think it's kinda cool that Peruvians have two different definitions of love that are common. Well anyways te quiero mi Peruvian familia y te quiero mi moma, popa, y hermano, y mi amigos primero!

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