Friday, August 30, 2013

Evangelism day

Today we traveled around to the different churches to which we student missionaries will be evangelizing at. Everything is in kilometers here in Pucallpa. For example, we are leading churches at Kilometer 13 (my church), Kilometer 15 (more in the jungle), and Kilometer 40.

We spent about 3 hours at Kilometer 15 and though it was super hot, it was tons of fun. First we walked around the jungle village to community houses introducing ourselves to the local villagers. One lady was so sweet. She invited us insider her house and told us we could have her coconuts whenever we wanted. Then she told us she would come to church because she wanted to know us better. Isn't that special? When we were done inviting people to come to our church on Saturday, we went back to the church to do some work and fix it up. For me, doing work consisted of entertaining about 13 jungle children and babies that came just to say hi and see what we were doing. It was so much fun. So many of these poor little children were just covered in crusted dirt. I held tons of little kids and swung them around in the air. They were precious little kids. We also played Simon Says, Red light green light, and Ring around the rosie. When it came time to say goodbye, the little children were so sad. They hugged us all and slowly walked back to their jungle houses...

Tonight my group which consists of my friends Kaity, Molly, John, and Michael went to Kilometer 13 to plan our church service for Saturday. Basically we were all slightly overwhelmed and shocked because church for the people here is literally a full day affair. Sabbath school and church goes from 9-12 am and then at 3 pm we are meeting to plan the 4pm youth service and then evening activities. Surprisingly though, the church planning program with 3 of the people from the church here went really well. It just makes me realize how true the cliché saying is: that you go as a missionary and realize that these people are the real missionaries to you.

The SDA people are just so genuine- such beautiful people inside and out. They're so giving, so generous, and so committed. They just want to spend as much time as possible with Christ and spreading His name. They are so unselfish. It just really touched me. I mean, here we are us so called missionaries wanting to lead with church- but inside in our hearts we are like "do we have to go to church almost all Saturday? What about our sleep?" And here are these people just so eager to spend as much time with possible with their God. I'm just like Wow. These people are definitely changing my lives already and that makes me so happy. God is definitely working here.

P.S. Tomorrow is a clinical day and the doctor said my friend Kaity and I will be giving shots! Please pray that we do well, stay safe, and show God's love to the people we're touching.

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