Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 3 at AMOR

Wow, today was day 3 of me being here and I feel like I’ve already been here forever. This place definitely seems like home. For one, I am LOVING the other SM’s I’m working with. It’s like a huge family and it’s great so far. The food is good here- nothing like weird Korean food (*sorry Koreans- I’m glad you love it) and let’s see, the church family and fellow Peruvians are super nice too. The showers are cold but I really don’t mind.

Today was a great, long day of singing, more singing, church, little kids, asking for ADRA money, and singing again. One thing that really stuck in my head tonight was the children who were playing in the road by our “church” (really just an outside pavilion) that came to visit us and watch while we were singing. There were about five little kids and all but two of them were barefoot. They all had raggedy hair and old clothes yet they were some of the most beautiful, precious children I’ve ever seen. I was sitting by one of my fellow sm’s, a new best friend of mine, and we both agreed that we just wanted to hug these children, bathe these children, and take them back to America. We talked about how different life would be for them if they were there instead of where they are living now here in Pucallpa.

I am learning and relearning the cliché saying that “We Americans take so much for granted”.

As Americans we feel entitled to so much. We want clean clothes, good food, hot showers—and that’s just the basics. These kids live on so little. These kids wear the same clothes for days. They eat what they can find. The only shower temperature is cold- actually they don’t have showers.

I’m really excited about what Kaitlyn and I will be leading out at here at AMOR. We are in charge of coordinating children’s ministry basically. We will be leading out a Pathfinders group, orphanage and hospital days, and soccer, volleyball, taekwondo, gymnastics, swimming, and music classes. It sounds like a ton of fun and I can’t wait to work with the children here in Pucallpa. I’m sure they will be so eager and happy to learn different skills and just truly have fun. We’ll also be witnessing by doing Bible studies and singing with them at all our different classes. I’m probably most excited about the hospital ministry that we’re organizing because this has been one of my dreams for so long. We’re going to sing to the kids, do drama skits for them, and I’ll juggle for them. Kaitlyn even told me that my idea to start a hospital ministry at Southern is great and that she’d love to help me plan it and organize it next year. I’m so excited for what God’s doing in us and how He’s going to help us witness to the children here. In addition to coordinating all the children’s ministry classes, I’ll be helping in the AMOR clinic with my extra time and learning to cook Peruvian food. Wow- yes I’m definitely going to be pretty busy this year.

Well that’s all I’ve got for tonight- I’m exhausted. But I’m totally and utterly heart-felt thankful. God is showing me everyday that His plans and dreams are better than mine. (By the way I’ve always wanted to learn taekwondo and now I really get too!!! Plus I have the best friends ever, dream job, and am so beyond blessed)

God is good to us. He knows our hearts. His love is incomparable to any other. Dios de bendiga. God bless you and I pray that God has been good to you as well.

I know that working here at AMOR  won’t always be this easy and this fun, but for now it is, and I will rejoice and enjoy it. Tomorrow, we’re taking a break/chill day and going swimming and on a boat. Hasta luego amigos.


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