Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26/13-- AMOR what I'll be doing this year

I'm so exhausted. It's been a long evening learning about our different missions and areas at AMOR including medical, evangelism, teaching, and afterschool programming. I'm not going to be a teacher. Instead I am quite involved with the afterschool programming. Three times a week I'll lead a volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics class. I'm also helping with music and taekwondo. 16 out of 18 of us at AMOR are helping at the clinic all year long and in September we will be doing a 2 week medical clinic to reach out to the people around our area. Then we will begin doing Bible studies and leading small groups. Every Saturday we have different teams traveling to different areas of Peru to lead church and afternoon Sabbath programs around the community. It is going to be a super busy year. Their is also construction work that is ongoing and even some farming to be done at K38. They said we might get to harvest mangos pretty soon which I think would be pretty awesome.

The fruit here is amazing and they have so many weird Peruvian drinks. They have great mangos, huge lemons, watermelon, tangerines, apricots, maracaolla, granadia, coconuts, grapes, and pineapples. Maracolla and granadia are really weird- one of their textures is just like worms =p

Right now some of our student missionaries are playing soccer. I tried playing the first night but wasn't very good. Soccer is definitely the Peruvians game and they are so talented. Tonight Katie and I climbed the water tower (about 30 feet) on our project site and just looked at the city around us. It was really pretty and we would like to climb it sometime and just check out the sunset =)

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