Thursday, August 22, 2013

1st day at AMOR

We’re here at AMOR!

I’m finally here at Kilometer 8 in Pucallpa Peru! Our room is all set up, it actually looks pretty amazing, with 3 hammocks flying high in the air and pictures and decorations everywhere. Theirs six girls in a small room and I’m definitely looking forward to being like family with all of them when we leave. So Kilometer 8 is way different than I expected. It’s not exactly in the jungle- where anacondas and tigers live; it’s more in the town of Pucallpa which is shockingly poor. There are hard cement floors and the wood on the wall has holes where bugs, lizards, owls, and birds could easily fly in. So ya- it’s not like wow I’m on a safari rugged- but it’s definitely not like America either. It’s like camping- for a year- in a room. Also, everything is so close and right here on the Kilometer 8 campus. The medical clinic is like right here just 10 feet away, and all of us 19 missionaries are staying here in this one house together sharing 2 cold showers and toilets and a living room table plus 3 rooms.

I’m very excited about being here at AMOR. I was very nervous as I was flying, but now that I’m here, and hearing all about the different service opportunities as well as bonding with some of the other staff: I’m sooo pumped. I think my friend Kaitlyn and I will be heading up an afterschool program for kids including classes like swimming, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, taekwondo, juggling, music, ect. We will provide the classes for free and include a short Bible study as well- it’s a great way to witnessing to the kids in the community.  It sounds like so much fun to me and I’m hoping I still get to try my hand in the clinic as well.

It’s very hot here and today we’re just resting as we’re totally exhausted. We sang a few Spanish praise and worship songs together and had a little talk. We also went to town and exchanged our money, called our parents, and got icecream (at the ice cream shop their’s wifi)! It’s strange to think I’ll be living here for 9 months and this will be what’s normal to me soon. I’m excited to be here, safe, and happy with amazing friends and delicious food. P.S. there’s no internet at our house. Internet= ice cream So I will do my best to keep in touch, but all the prayers were definitely appreciated! God has been good to me and my team!
P.P.S.  Today we got to ride on motocarts! So fun and super bumpy! So far so good-- I love Peru =)

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