Monday, August 26, 2013

1st clinic day

Today at 7:30 we had worship then breakfast. After breakfast we were told that whoever wanted to help with medical programs should head to the clinic in their scrubs. At the clinic we divided up into different groups: dental, pharmacy, medical, and nurses. The medical people took blood pressure and did primary assessments. The nurses gave shots (ginormous shots =/) I started working in the pharmacy. It was crazy. There were 70 people just waiting for all of us doctors/nurses/ other people to help them.

Working in the pharmacy was hard work! I definitely underestimated what it takes to run around looking for different medications for people. We would also weigh people and check their height in the pharmacy. I don’t know that I want to work in the pharmacy a lot more though. I mean I definitely will do it because I know it’s helping people, but honestly it’s not my favorite. I don’t really care to give shots either- inflicting pain on innocent Peruvians just doesn’t look fun to me. I would like to learn. Well ok let’s be honest here, I don’t want to learn, but I will probably make myself. I might be learning later tonight. I know the doctor is going to be teaching us some basic medical instructions. SCARY!! I heard we practice on each other!

So we were just told that there is a teaching position open for 3 of us sm’s. It’s a 3 days a week in the mornings English teacher position and I’m really thinking about it. I think I would enjoy teaching English. I’m definitely getting enough medical exposure already just being here. I don’t know- like I used to be super pumped about helping with medical stuff- but then today I watched a bunch of nurses give shots- and I just would feel so bad doing that. So I may be a teacher as well, we will see.
Today Molly and Raph flew in to join us making our AMOR team have 18 people! I woke up at 5 am with my friend Lisa to cook Peruvian food. I'm excited about learning but all I did today was chop fruit. Hey I guess you gotta start somewhere =)
All of us SM's are pretty stoked because we just got the internet password here at K8 where we are staying so it looks like we will be able to post/write/ and call a little bit more! Here is a pic of my friends Kaitlyn and Arianna with some ninos pobres (poor kids)!

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