Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome to Korea

Annywonghaseyo and welcome to Korea.

Kimberly, Tj, and I flew into Seoul July 19th. It was a fourteen hour flight from Dallas Texas and we are crazy jet lagged. So far the Koreans are very friendly, nice, and helpful as well as busy. Kimberly and I are staying with a nice host family that lives close to the school where we will be teaching. The father is a pastor with two daughters who are in fifth and seventh grade. The family cooks us breakfast and takes us around town.

Koreans live in tall apartments instead of houses; often in restaurants you eat on the floor with mats; you take off your shoes before entering special places or houses; and the weather is crazy humid with really hot rain.

The food here is interesting. It's definitely totally different from what we are used too- and sometimes hard to digest. I try to avoid the fishy foods and eat the rice and noodles. Tj and I decided that we would not get hungry in Korea because we would choose not to think about eating. This has worked successfully so far as yesterday our host family forgot to feed us dinner.

Today our host family took us to see the Chang Deok Gung Palace. It was huge and beautiful and we got to enter the Secret Gardens. To travel to the palace, we took a subway and busses. Here are some pictures of the palace.

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