Sunday, July 28, 2013

Squirt guns and Christian dancing

Every day that you live-- is a chance to jump around, a chance to spin until you fall, and a chance to proclaim the love and joy of God to everyone you come in contact with. Some days will not seem beautiful, but every day is a gift.

I don't want to waste my life. We never know how many days we have- but God does.

Yesterday, on Saturday night, my Korean teacher friends and I went to a really pretty park and just sprayed each other with squirt guns. It was simple- but really fun! We ran around yelling like little kids and Tj actually got pushed in the pond.

Today at school, I was exhausted. I am so tired. But I smiled because today I got to teach six classes of adorable Korean kids how to juggle, and teaching juggling just feels like home to me. It reminds me of Gym Masters and everything I did all the time last year. Then at mission school, we got to sing and dance to these super fun Christian songs that just make me laugh and come on- they have to make you smile.

I love group Australia and all the kids I have been teaching! I've been having so much fun in Korea =)

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