Sunday, July 21, 2013

Like a child

Mark 10:15 and Luke 18:15

Many people love children: their smiles, happy giggles, playful spirits, genuine trust, and eager acceptance of love. Children don't have many enemies. If they make someone mad they are quick to forgive.
I can regretfully say many people don't love Seventh Day Adventists. They are known to worry a lot, complain a lot, judge a lot, hard to please, and few of them smile or laugh often. Sometimes when we have to explain what an SDA is it seems so complicated: don't do this, do that only when this.. so many rules.
What if following Christ was as simple as accepting our role as a child of God? Have we been missing out on the blessings of being part of Christ's family with God as our heavenly Father by worrying about many meaningless things?

Unless you feel you need God, and are as dependent to God as a child is to their parents' care, you will not enter the kingdom of God.

Children are..
- non-judgemental
- caring

Like a child, we should have a relationship with God and trust Him fully; we should be so eager to search God's word, pray to Him, and spend time with Him like a child wants to know and be like his parents; we should be as honest as a child to God and the people around us.

Father God, please accept us as your children and teach us to follow you and trust you like a child.

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