Monday, July 22, 2013

Korean School

In Korea, education is worth much sacrifice. Students study long hours every day at school and do many hours of homework on their own. If students don't pass the test to enter college, they get very depressed and tragically, many even attempt suicide. The Korean summer is only one month long! I'm so glad I don't live here since summer is definitely my favorite part of the year!

The camp I am teaching at is called the Sahmyook English Summer Camp at Sahmyook middle school. I am an assistant teacher for a lady named Joselyn who speaks Korean but lived in Australia. I assist her with teaching English conversation, and I teach vocabulary every morning.

Today was orientation. The students took entrance exams to see which level of study they will be put in. We are trying to make the camp fun for the kids since it is their summer time, but they still take it very seriously. The top ten kids at the camp get rewarded with free entrance to the school year round.

So far, I like teaching. The kids are very sweet and adorable. Today I sang the "Baby shark song" with them and they loved it. I have to plan for our vocabulary class tomorrow and see what we can do. I hope it goes well!

P.S. Why are Adventists so unorganized? I thought it would be different here in Korea but nope, we still had no idea what we were doing and were running around like madmen!

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