Sunday, July 21, 2013

Korean Food

Korean food is a lot of fish, noodles, rice, and kimchee. I like the noodles and rice part- I try to avoid the fishy smelling things.

For the past 2 days we have not been given dinner here. They do eat dinner in Korea, my cousin, Tj, and I have just not had the privilege of joining them for it. (Our host family keeps forgetting to give us some.) Luckily we brought a few granola bars and snacks from the US to survive on.

Our host family cooks us breakfast every morning and it is actually pretty delicious. We have rice and then some kind of egg food that is similar to an omelet and then a Korean fruit. She also cooks seaweed and kimchi and fried fish for breakfast. She wakes up about two hours in advance and starts cooking everything by hand very early in the morning. I asked her how she learned to cook and she said it just happened once she got married. Hope that cooking magic happens to me too haha.

Oh yes they have cold noodles here quite a lot in Korea. They are like they sound- cold! I do not like them a lot but they are not as terrible as I had imagined because they are seasoned very well. Often there is seaweed mixed in with the noodles and kimchee on the side.

There are lots of markets and fresh produce for sale on the sides of the roads. There are eels, fish, octopus, kimchi, fruits, and all kinds other Korean foods. Here are some pictures.

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