Monday, July 29, 2013

Korean Camp's Ending Fast!

We only have 2 more days of English teaching class! I can't believe how fast the summer camp has gone by. Tomorrow we are testing the kids to see how much they have learned. Wednesday we will be throwing them a party.

I am really going to miss all the students and especially the kind teachers we are working with. The teachers that are working at the summer camp are amazing! We have really bonded by dinners and fun outings over the past 8 days. Even though most of the other teachers are in their twenties to early thirties, they have been so helpful and friendly to us young Americans.

Tonight we went to Lotte World which is similar to Disney World but a little smaller. It was a ton of fun and we rode on some pretty scary rides that went really high in the air.

After camp is done, we have about 5 days to tour Korea in Seoul and Busan. We are taking KTX the bullet train to Busan on the 4th to stay with a different family of friends. I can't believe how fast Korea is going by and how well I am adjusting. Oh yes, I have finally mastered the art of chopsticks =) Korean food is still difficult to swallow sometimes but normally there is a selection of rice or noodles which are the safest options.

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