Sunday, July 21, 2013

Korea: the city

Everywhere you look there are stores, towers, and people. This place is crazy busy. People run right into the streets with traffic that you would think is rush hour in Dallas. It's crazy. 10 million people live in Seoul. In all of Oklahoma there's only 4 million people!

$1 US equals 1,120 in Korean money. Kim, Tj, and I cannot wait til Monday when the bank will open so we can exchange our money and go shopping.

We got to see the Korean Adventist University: the second biggest Adventist University in the world. It was nice with huge sports arenas and a bowling place. Yup we went bowling our first night in Korea. We also drove past the Olympic Training Center for Koreans. I would love to check that out more. Here are some more pictures of us in Korea and the city.

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