Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Korea..

Teaching vocabulary continues to be ALOT of fun. Yesterday we played Bingo with m & m's- to these kids chocolate is the greatest thing in the world! I love the Korean students! They are very cute and respectful. Teachers in Korea are rewarded and treated so much better than teachers in America. In America, teachers get spit balls thrown at them, yelled at, and little pay. In Korea, teachers are bowed down too, given a well respected name, and are paid pretty well.

In the past two days I have been able to practice my first-aid skills twice! I wrapped a boys toe that was bruised and cut, and yesterday I wrapped a boys knee that got hurt in "fun time". I was very excited to be useful!

Yesterday night after teaching we went to a special touristy place in Seoul. The restaurant we ate at was called Hollywood America. It was a very nice restaurant that served more American foods. Outside of the restaurant, there were tons of souvenir shops and fancy shops as well. They had tons of fans, postcards, dolls, bookmarks, and paintings. All of us American teachers had a lot of fun!

   This is a picture of all the teachers for the summer camp together. Our principal Ann treats all of us very well and takes us all out to dinner together almost every night.

Teacher Joselyn teaching English conversation to our students
My students wearing masks they made in world culture.

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