Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Sabbath from Korea

Everywhere we go, people stare at us and bow down. They treat us special because we are white. They give us forks at almost every restaurant and are quick to say hello. When we walk down the roads, cars look at us through their windows. We are strange- and it is almost like we are on display. It feels like everyone is watching us.

Today we went to Ocean World. It is a waterpark similar to Schlitterbahn in the US. It was fun and very nice although crowded with an unimaginable amount of people. We went in the wave pool that had waves 8 feet tall! 8 feet- it would literally knock us to the ground and into other people! It was crazy!

I like Korea- it is a great learning experience and chance to explore different cultures, but I am totally exhausted. I'm very thankful that tonight is Sabbath!

즐거운 휴일 되세요.
jeulgeoun hyuil doeseyo
Happy Sabbath =)

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