Tuesday, July 23, 2013

another Korean day

Breakfast was not very good. It was good Korean food- but my head and stomach is sick of Korean food. I tried to eat my rice and added egg and tofu (even though I hate tofu it looked better than the other stuff). Our Korean mommy was nice like usual and made good table conversation that lasted about 45 minutes.

My first class teaching went very well. I made a slideshow with vocabulary words and a lot of pictures. My class is at “Australian” level which is a pretty basic level for English- even still their English level passes my Spanish speaking by far.
The kids in my class are very cute. At first they were very not shy and would not volunteer for activities or raise their hands in class. I started giving them chocolate for participation and that is changing very quickly!
I like being a teacher. Parts of the day when I just assist teacher Joselyn get boring though. I read a book during part of the class because I was about to fall asleep. Oh yes I got to use my first aid skills today with a boy who had a very swollen, bruised, and cut toe. I felt so proud.

After school, we got real American pizza. Kimmy and I were beyond ecstactic. I've almost digested enough Korean food as I can take and I know it' only been like 4 days here- but man it's bad! After the pizza, we went walking to the stores and "nightlife" just a mile away from our apartment. We got icecream as well because we decided to live it up.


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