Saturday, June 15, 2013

In a heartbeat

It's amazing how everything can change in a heartbeat...
        When I was younger and I first went away to academy, my dad said to me pretty soon everything will change. In just a few hours you will get on a plane and go so far away so very quickly and everything will be different.
         I would walk thru security waving at my parents and trying not to tear up. As I flew I would look outside staring at the pictures of different buildings and oceans, shortly landing in a totally different state: Colorado. Technology is amazing these days. It can transport us to many different worlds in so little time. As I landed in Colorado, I felt like a different girl. I was independent and brave, smart, and I had new friends.
         During breaks I would go home and feel like I was a different person in a different world yet again. I never wanted to leave the safety and serenity of my home and with my family.
          I have traveled to many different places and states. I have moved many times. I have visited Mexico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic and will be traveling to Peru next year. Everytime I go somewhere different everything seems to change so much.

         It's amazing how quickly life can change in a heartbeat:  new friends are made, a loved one dies, a baby is born, a car accident, or even a miracle.
         I can't wait til Jesus comes and in a heartbeat everything will change. Everything will be perfect, beautiful, different and holy.

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