Thursday, May 16, 2013

What is love?

Please read this article about romance/ love.

So what is love? Why are people so confused these days? Marriages are costing fortunes. Getting a date is the biggest theme of highschool. It seems almost any popular movie has a romance plot tied in. People are crazy about love. We have valentines day, couples cruises, dating services.. yet still a ridiculous amount of divorces- even in the church. If not divorces, look at family lives these days many couples are unhappy.

I think we have it wrong! I think America is illusioning us into what love looks like. There is a problem in wanting a faerie tale relationship- it's a lie!
You will never be happy if you are expecting that CRAZY crazy passionate love all the time. A person, sinful human being, cannot satisfy your heart and your feelings. Only God can. We are looking in the wrong places. We are expecting far too much.

In addition, to unreal expectations, we have a totally wrong attitude when it comes to long-term relationships. We think about us: what we want. We make lists. We think can he make me happy? Will he make enough money? Does he care about me?
Well what about him? Can you make him happy? Can you serve him?

What if we changed our attitudes about marriages from loving to serving? What if our definition of love was messed up?
After all we use the same word love to describe ice cream.. maybe we are confused about what love is.

Love is not holding hands with a sexy guy and walking on the beach- that's easy. Love is not having sex in bed- any couple can do that. Love is not happiness, joy, and always looking cute. It's not always smiley and ushy-gushy wonderful. Love is not an emotion. Love is a choice.
Love is the opposite of indifference. Love means caring enough about someone to do the best thing for them. Love is service and putting the needs of someone else's above your own.

If we truly served another in marriage and made the decision that for the rest of our lives we would live each day with the goal of doing the best thing for that person think how beautiful marriage could be?

If love is of God then love is pure. I want to love and I want to know what true love is.

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