Monday, May 13, 2013

Shopping & "Normal"

This afternoon my mom took off work to take me to a travel clinic in Austin TX to get a yellow fever shot. At the clinic I was told about all the various diseases to which I could be exposed too in Peru. In the car my mom told me about how careful I needed to be about my safety and how I could easily get raped.
Then afterwards we went shopping. I actually got quite a few things because I needed some new clothes and swimsuits and stuff for camp, but there was a strange feeling of regret. I just feel bad spending so much money when I know how much it could do for people in a country with poverty.
Most people will say- sweet Brooke- just get over it. Life will be unfair. Well let me ask you if you would feel the same way if you were them?
It's just we have so much here and so much in abundance. Sometimes when I think about it seems so unfair and so unjust! Like why can't we share? Why do we Americans need to be greedy hoards. Don't get me wrong, I know some great Christian examples and giving people in America, but even they have everything they need plus more.
For a crazy statistic consider that the worlds richest 100 people- just 100- could end poverty worldwide times four. - This is a really cool website working on ending global poverty.
I guess since I'm going to Peru next year, I've been thinking a lot more. I've been thinking about life on a deeper level, thinking about what really matters. I mean you know what could happen over there.
I'm really excited about going to Peru but it's scary as well. I'm excited for how it will change my life and how it will impact my relationship with Christ. At the same time, I'm like Am I really ready for this? Can I do this? Can I really make a difference?
And then how will I come back to the US afterwards and readjust? I know my parents want me to go to college...
I will be still. I will have faith. Guys please pray for my devotional life with God right now and our time together, I've been struggling with that. Thank you =)

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