Sunday, May 12, 2013


It was a prayer far too short and selfish-" God if it's your will please let me surf this weekend, you know how much I want too" but nevertheless a prayer God chose to answer.
In this big world with hundreds of variables, people, and decisions.. God chose to answer a 19 year olds prayer to surf. To Surf! I was asking a lot considering Port Aransas, the place where our family is camping, is hardly known for it's surf- most days the waves are far too small. In addition, the weather predicament was rain rain rain.
But for some strange reason ;) God answered my prayer to surf this weekend! I might know why.. Maybe because He loves me! Oh how much He loves us- if only we could grasp the love of our Heavenly Father.
When I surf, I see God. In the ocean, I feel God and His power. Every wave that hits me and knocks me around reminds me of God's immense grace and forgiveness.
Surfing is my passion!
Do you believe that  God created each of us with a unique passion? Something that He created for us to do and love together! He wants to bond with us through the things we love. He loves to see us experience joy and praise His name for it.
I believe that God wants to be a part of your passion. He wants you to glorify you with it and surrender it totally to Him.
God's passionate about you and He's passionate about being part of all of your life! Tell Him about your passions today. Invite Him to show you new passions that He created in you when He transformed your heart.

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