Friday, May 10, 2013


Have you ever thought about what other people think about you?
You realize that nobody sees you the way you do because you are a biased viewer. They don't judge by your standards. They can't judge or justify your actions by excuses or good intentions. They look at you and judge you.
By looking at you do they see the hands and feet of Christ Jesus?
More importantly than what others think about you is God Himself. How does he view you? He has eyes of mercy and a heart of compassion but are you justified through Jesus' death. Does he say "Look at her my faithful servant" or do your actions hurt him more? Does he grimace when he sees your selfish heart or smile at your gratitude in awful conditions?
Have you ever heard the saying Beauty is held in the eyes of the beholder. No matter what you think about your life, you are beautiful to Christ. You are loved by Him. And if you choose to walk in His ways and ask for forgiveness- you are justified by His blood.

If only when we looked in the mirror we could see ourselves the way Jesus does, I believe our whole perception would change. If we could look at other people and see them the way Jesus does, I believe we would love in an entire new way.
Jesus give me your eyes so I can see people the way you see them. Give me your eyes so I can understand the spiritual things and the war around me for my mind and soul. Give me your eyes so I can comprehend genuine love. This is my prayer in Christ Jesus.

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