Sunday, May 5, 2013

Martin Luther: A Reformational Missionary

Who is Martin Luther? Luther was a boy born in 1483 in Eisleben, Germany by parents who tried to teach him about the way of God. He became very involved in the Roman Catholic church and was a devout monk who practiced self- flagellation for a long time. As Luther began to study the Bible more his eyes were opened to some of the evils and false teachings of the Roman Catholic church like indulgences and confessions to popes. He began to preach Biblical messages and expose some of the churches errors. In 1517 Martin Luther nailed a Ninety-Five thesis on the university's chapel door exposing the errors of indulgences. Martin Luther played a big role in starting the Protestant Reformation and getting people to look at the Bible again. Luther was a missionary because he proclaimed the word of Christ even through persecution. Luther started the Lutheran movement and religion in the 1400s.

"To pray well.. is the better part of the study." - Martin Luther

"One day as Luther was climbing these steps, a voice like thunder seemed to say. "The just shall live by faith." He jumped to his feet in shame and horror. At that moment he saw more clearly than ever before how wrong it was to trust in human works for salvation. He turned his face from Rome..."

Luther wrote to a friend.. "Your first duty is to begin by prayer..." Hope for nothing from your own labors, from your own understanding, Trust in God alone and in the influence of His Spirit. Here is an important lesson for those who feel that God has called them to present to others the vital truths for this time. Going against the powers of evil requires something more than intellect and human wisdom.

"I am like Jeremiah, a man of strife and contention; but the more their threats increase, the more my joy is multiplied. Whoever wants to proclaim the word of Christ to the world must expect death at every minute"- Luther

This is what I'm learning. The Reformation of Truths:
1. 1300s-  John Wycliff - Lollards - persecuted as a cult
2. 1400s- Martin Luther- restores altar of sacrifice- Lutherans- persecuted as a cult
3. 1500s- John Calvin- direct prayer/ altar of incense- Presbyterian- persecuted as a cult
4. 1600s- John Smith, Roger Williams- Submersion baptism- Baptists- Persecuted as a cult
5. 1700s- John Wesley- Street evangelism- Methodists- Persecuted as a cult
6. 1800s- Ellen White- rediscovering blueprint- SDA's- Persecuted as a cult
Isaiah 58:12-14

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