Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kisses from Katie

Tonight I started the book Kisses from Katie. My dad gave it to me and I'm so in love with it! I can't wait to go to Peru and be a missionary. This book really touched my heart. God has done so many miracles already to make it possible for me to go to Peru. I just know He's working in my life.
The scary thing about this book is how much I relate to Katie. I really have felt the call in the past to possibly be a missionary as a career or at least for ten years. Honestly though, I wouldn't mind being a missionary for the rest of my life.
I was talking to my parents and my friends about this the other day. I was joking around saying that it didn't matter if I got bad grades because I hoped I never came back to college. Ok don't kill me or strangle me, but I really don't think I'd mind that too much. I feel like the hardest part about being an SM will be coming back to the states. I'm pretty sure that being a missionary will be lifechanging and I will fall in love with these kids. But how then do you come back to the selfish USA and think of yourself. Like who cares if I make good grades in school if kids are dying? If kids are starving why can't I feed them? If kids are hurt, and I can help, isn't that more important? I just know that I am going to struggle with this because these kids are really gonna be on my heart.
So basically I admit it, I want to be a missionary for the rest of my life. It would be kinda nice though to have a guy by my side, but even if not, if God called me I guess I would be ok with that.
If my parents were reading this right now, they would be really concerned. Already tonight they told me, Brooke after 1 year of missionary stuff you have to go back to college.... hmmmm really mom and dad? Do I have too?
Maybe going to Peru will change my mind. But honestly I hope not =)
Even though I'm scared to death of doctors and needles ect. I am pumped to learn how to take care of the people in Peru and treat their illnesses and diseases.  I really want to help these people. And I know this is something Christ is doing in me because it is directly opposed to my own character.
It's 12:52 which explains why my writing is so crazy but I recommend the book Kisses from Katie to each of you. I also pray that God helps you love the people around you in more tangible ways =) Goodnight ya'll..
I'm back home in Texas =) And ya everything's bigger and better!

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