Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Pure Relationship

I don't see the need to date a lot of guys. People tell me that you should date to decide what you want and what you like. I might be wrong, but I think I know what I want in a guy. I want a guy who loves God more than anything else, who loves nature and being active, and who loves serving people. Of course it would be nice if he was cute, funny, athletic, and loved surfing at the beach as well =) I don't believe that I need to go around looking for guys or trying to get them to pay attention to me. I believe that God will put the right guy in my life at the right time and lead me to pursue a relationship with him.
I'm different. I'm not like most other girls. I've never dated and never kissed a guy. I don't enjoy wearing dresses all the time or going shopping. I would rather be outside, play in the mud and get a little dirty.I don't want a guy who dresses super nice or has a job that gets a ton of money. I don't want a guy that drives an expensive car or takes me out to expensive dinners. I want a guy that's not afraid to be a family man: a guy that wants to go camping with his kids and wife and hang out with them all the time.
My parents were a great example of how a family should raise their kids. Three nights a week when I was young, my entire family would go to a place called Ingleside where we would ride four wheelers, play basketball, roller-skate, and cook dinner on the grill. Sometimes we would have bonfires there. Other nights, when we weren't in the "country", our family would go to the beach or we would all go swimming together in our pool. Afterwards, my dad and I would sit in the hot tub together and make up silly adventure stories. These were some of the best memories ever! It seems like more and more now days, dads don't spend time with their kids and with their families. I hate this so much! It makes me so sad and so mad! I want a guy that wants to put his family second- right after God and before money and his career.
I want a pure relationship with a guy. I want to put God first before any other thing in the relationship. I think it's extremely cute when couples pray together and when couples pray for each other. I believe that if you are praying and asking God if the relationship is His will and He says yes, then it's probably going to work. It's hard to find guys that are like this. I want guys to step up- be a man- and lead us girls to God. I know some really great guys out there that are already doing that and putting God first in their life. I really respect the guys that are loving God more than girls =)

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