Friday, April 19, 2013

Pucallpa Peru- I'm going to be a doctor.. oh my

I am so excited to go to Peru! I'm nervous about working at the medical clinic because I do have a fear of doctors, shots, ect. But I believe that God is calling me to overcome those fears and I believe He will help me as I go to Peru.
The nearest city to the place I'm going is Pucallpa Peru. It's a jungle city.
Pucallpa is a busy Amazon frontier town which sits on the
banks of the Ucayali River, a major tributary which feeds the Amazon River.
Places to travel/do in Peru: Machu Pichu, see the Incan Ruins in the Sacred Valley, swim with pink dolphins in the Amazon jungle =), Lake Titytaka, Cola Canyon, , surfing in Peru...
Ahhh can't I just travel forever.

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