Friday, April 26, 2013

Peru Missions Dedication

Tonight us student missionaries experienced our dedication vespers together. I want to introduce the people who will be serving with me in Peru: Becca Dahlberg, Raphael Rodriguez, Caitlin Faber, Stephanie Scissory, Jeremy Monasco, Kaitlyn Scheult, Molly Theus, and Bernice Bouzy. I am super excited about working with these guys =)
It kinda hit me-- not all the way-- but definitely a little bit at vespers tonight. It's real, in about four months I will be going to Peru. I'm scared, but crazy excited. I'm definitely comforted by the fact that I'm going with so many great people.
It also hit me today that freshman year is basically over. That's soooo crazy!! It's almost summer and summer is definitely my favorite holiday. I told my roomie today, "I don't know if I'll ever go back to college. I mean if God's calling me to the mission field and not to get a degree, I'd be ok with that." I'm about 25% joking =) I really do want to be a missionary though, and maybe even a missionary for life. I think it'd be really cool to spend like 5-10 years serving as a missionary with my husband once I get married (if that really happens anyways ;)
But yes, today was a big today. This has been an exciting week. I'm 19 years old and it's almost summer time. Soon I will be serving God in Peru.

*Things I want to remember to bring to Peru: stickers, coloring pages, and balloons to give the kids at the clinic and around
*Oh I need nursing scrubs! If anyone has any ideas how I can get those cheap, please let me know!!

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