Sunday, April 28, 2013

God what are you doing?!

my talk with God after getting a 58 on a research paper where I did my best and put hours upon hours of effort into--

Me: Wait a minute God, that is mine. Don't touch that.. Don't mess them up- Don't ruin my reputation
God: I need you to trust me I really can work this out
Me: How God? What are you doing? Can't you just work things out for the good like you've always done by pulling my grades together for me at the last minute?
God: No not this time. I'm doing something different.
Me: Well obviously God! Failing is not my norm! Your messing up my changes of PT or Med school
God: Nope you've messed up your chances at that by not focusing on your studies more this year. Trust me, my daughter, I have good plans for you.I work ALL things out for the good, remember?
Me: I guess God but this doesn't look very good to me. I will try to trust you, but this hurts so bad.
God: I'm going to use this situation to teach you something.
Me: Why God? Couldn't we use something smaller or more meaningless than my college GPA?
God: According to my eyes, your GPA is the least of my worries. I know that means a lot to you but I want you to see the world according to my perspective. Look at the bigger picture ya know?
Me: I guess God, and if you're calling me to die in Peru then I guess my grades won't matter anyways. If your calling me to be a missionary for life then I guess my grades won't matter.
God: Don't get ahead of yourself child. Just trust me and use me. I will be your strength.

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