Monday, April 1, 2013

4/1/3- just my life

Mom: How do you know you'll be going as a missionary next year?
Me: I just feel it in my heart

I want to go soooo badly now. It's really going to hurt if I don't get accepted  to Peru. Because I know if I don't get accepted to Peru then I better start praying bout what I'm going to do. I mean maybe Africa- because lately God put Zambia, Africa on my heart as well.. but still I just want to listen to God. If He wants me to stay here, I pray He closes the doors for me to go as a missionary.

I just don't know if I can take another year in America with all the selfishness and business. I mean I know I'll have to come back to it after going for a year. It's not like I'm trying to run away from our problems here.. even though in a way it is running away. But I really want to see the rest of the world and witness to them Jesus Christ. I want to strengthen my walk with God and learn to rely on Him. I want to see how other cultures live- not just American "capitalism" ect. I want to see how people live on $2 a day and how they find so much joy in doing so.

Today I have my interview with the SM coordinator. It's kinda like a screening process to make sure I'm the type of girl they want as an SM. Hopefully it goes well =)

I tried to donate blood today which is something normally I would never ever volunteer to do on my own. But I was going to do it because Christ gave His blood for me and so I would be more prepared for working in a clinic next year. After I got my finger pricked and they started asking questions, to my excitement, I realized I couldn't give blood because my mission trip to the Dominican was so recent. Honestly, I was like "thank you Jesus" because that looked pretty scary and painful.

I have a lot of homework and things to do this week plus Gym Master Homeshow is in 6 days!! I'm so excited, but at the same time, I really don't feel ready for it. I'm just going to have to pray and trust God that He will work and help us do good. I'm really stoked cause my mom is coming up on Thursday to see me and home show. I'm excited for her and all my friends to see it. Even though I haven't done a ton in gymnastics, Gym Masters has been a big part of my life this year. It has changed my identity, my confidence, and even my personality a little bit. It has been a great year- one I definitely wouldn't change.

I can't believe today is April 1st. April's my favorite month because everything normally gets warm, happy, and sunny. Shorts and tanktops come in, & then there's also my birthday on April 25th! I can't believe this year is almost over! It's absolutely crazy-
but then again, that's just my life ;)

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