Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When we fall..

Today I messed up. I gave in. I broke. And I fell..
not only on my face in utter disgust, but to my knees as well
and I prayed God just get me through.. Please help me survive this day

See today I felt almost physically dead. I stayed up way too late the night before trying to finish a computer assignment due that night. Only to find out the computer wouldn't let me submit it because it was past the submition deadline.  My classes were frustrating and hard. I have bad grades which I know I can do better, it's just prioritizing.

I broke my Daniel Fast pretty bad this morning. I ate a biscuit with eggs (boy it tasted good =) But after I messed up I felt like quitting the entire thing. Later tonight at Gym Masters we were offered cookies and I was really tempted, I mean I messed up once more.. why not again?

The All or Nothing thing is a lie sometimes
If you fall, you are not fallen
If you mess up, you are not messed up
If you fall once, get back up

We all make mistakes. And we all have days when we are ashamed of how we acted or how we dealt with situations. But worse than falling is choosing to lay in shame and not get up again.
Be courageous and stand up out of your situation
Rise higher

I met with ** the guy who I have been working on resolving a lot of past drama with. It was good to talk to him, although it was difficult. And I am grateful to Christ for helping us restore a relationship that was so hurt.

I'm tired, but I'm not hopeless.
Still I will praise God. I will thank Him for sleep and the opportunity for rest and a new day, a new chance.
I pray that whatever trials you are facing right now, you find peace in God's arms. Give Him your burdens. Trust Him to carry you.

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