Monday, March 18, 2013


"Through nature and revelation, through His providence, and by the influence of His spirit, God speaks to us." What a joy it is to have a King, and yet a best friend at the same time, pursue us and wait to talk to us. Oh the many ways he wants to teach us and connect with us. Our Father in heaven is captivating.
We need also to pour out our hearts to God. We must learn to commune with Him. Prayer is the opening of the heart to God and the opening of God's heart to us. It's beautiful and supernatural.
The Devil does many things to keep us away from prayer.
I have struggled with prayer for a long time, and I continue to struggle with it. The thing about prayer is you can't multitask and you can't be distracted. You really and truly have to devote your mind to communion with Christ and the Spirit. I struggle with this because often my life is so busy and fast. It is hard to suddenly push pause, and let everything fade away. Yet prayer is the life of our walk with Christ. We cannot just say, "prayer is difficult for me". No, we must persevere and continue to seek God. Prayer is of utmost importance- it establishes our connection with the Lord.
As we try to commune with God and put efforts toward prayer, God will do miracles. He will fill our hearts and give us true communion with Christ. Isaiah 44:3 says "Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who long after God, shall be sure that they will be filled."

-If you are a person that prays I ask that you pray for me this week. I have accepted God's call to go to Peru, and I have filled out an application. Today I found out that getting accepted could be difficult because there are a lot of sm applications turned in for Amor Projects in Peru. I am rather late in starting my application process, and I have no money yet. Despite my concerns, I know that God is capable and will provide.

Ellen G White Quotes From Steps to Christ:

Perseverance in prayer has been made a condition of receiving.

We must not neglect secret prayer- for this is the life of the soul.

Satan cannot overcome Him whose mind is stayed on God.

You cannot weary God with your wants. He who numbers the hairs on your head is not indifferent to the wants of His children.

The life must be like Christ's life- between the mountain and the multitude.

Christ and Him crucified should be the theme of contemplation, conversation, and of our most joyful emotion.

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